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Sami's Smile:
Meeting Our Friends with Salla Diesease

Written & Illustrated by Sarah Swoffer 2024

This is a very special book that is close to my heart. I wrote Sami's Smile for our friend with Salla because I wanted her to see herself in beautiful books that convey her value. Similarly, I also wanted to teach children about genetic diversibilities in an age appropriate way. Finally, I want to support Salla research. All profits from this book are going to the STAR Foundation which assists in funding reserach. 



Written & Illustrated by Sarah Swoffer 2022

Boredom can be such an awful sensation.

But it gives your brain space to take a vacation.

Enjoy Sarah's first publication.

This is an engaging book full of exploration and rhyme created for the purpose of helping people think of boredom in a new light. Includes an interactive flow chart to help you get unstuck from your boredom.

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