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5 Reasons Why Creativity is Valuable - 07.10.2023

Through Lets Paint, I create art with toddlers thru senior citizens and I have yet to see the same work of art twice. This is one of my favorite aspects of my job: I walk around as I teach and witness each artist's work unfold with their unique interpretation and style. But the artwork is only the icing on the cake in art class. It is never my primary goal.

Engaging in art is much bigger than a canvas hanging on the wall.

It is a creative process that enhances many aspects of life far after leaving the classroom. Creativity is a vital key in the human experience. Tapping into your creativity contributes to personal growth and self-discovery in many ways. Here are a five reasons why creativity is valuable:

1. Curiosity: Creativity encourages people to lead with a sense of wonder. We take something that we "know" and we look at it from different angles and positions. It is my responsibility to teach new techniques then to energize students to play with the techniques. We mix new colors and try new techniques. "I wonder what will happen if....."

2. Problem Solving: Creative thinking encourages us to look at situations from different angles. It promotes new strategies and out-of-the-box thinking. Our art classes are designed for students to build problem solving skills.

3. Self-expression: Art classes provide opportunities for students to express themselves authentically. As we have the freedom to play with our materials, we will have the freedom to make alterations that reflect us. This is a power that rolls into other aspects of like. Creativity is a compelling way to communicate thoughts, emotions, and experiences in a unique and meaningful way.

4. Well-being: Creativity has been linked to overall well-being and happiness. The act of creating can be meditative because we are given the space to block out distractions. It can reduce stress, enhance mood, and increase positive emotions.

5. Community: Art classes are a community effort. They are shared experiences that build connections. Creativity encourages individuals to collaborate and build upon each other's innovations. Creating art together encourages dialogue and discussion which brings us closer together.

As we share ideas and encourage each other in our mutual experience, we are able to see the same projects from different angles.

Engaging in creative activities contributes to personal growth and self-discovery through encouraging us to tap into our curiosity, practice our problem solving skills, express ourselves, improve our well being and build community. Of course, this is only a five of many benefits of creativity. What other benefits have you noticed from participating in creative activities?

Overall, art is much more than the final painting. While students love taking home their pieces, the true power is in a process.

My job is to assist people of all ages with tapping into their creativity.

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